Sunday, March 20, 2011

Agility Trial Day 3

Yay! New pictures of Heffner!:0) The fabulous photographer, Joe Camp, captured a few action shots of Heffner on the course over the weekend. There was the above weave pole shot, and also this tire shot:
Kennedy was able to video us yesterday for our JWW and Standard runs. While they weren't the best of runs, they had their good moments. So here they are, the good, the bad, and the ugly (I just wanted to say that for dramatic effect! ;0) )

Today was kind of another meh day. I bobbled in JWW, which ended up slowing Heffner down and we couldn't regain our momentum. While the run wasn't horrible, there was a knocked bar NQing us and he just didn't have the power and zip that he did on Friday. Standard kind of followed suit with a lack of zest. I just wanted to try and keep forward momentum with him and we ended up bypassing quite a few obstacles. Oy! Here's the Open JWW map:
It was a loooooovely course with nice flow. I really enjoy the courses that this judge puts together. I could have done without a tunnel on the course, but at least we got it out of the way at the very beginning. Here is the accompanying video, shot by my darling husband:

You can see where I screwed him up. I had thought that he was about to go around the jump and I stopped. Which caused him to drop the only bar that was dropped on the course, and lose his momentum. Which then screwed me up for the rear cross that I needed to make and I ended up in the wrong position, gave a crappy cue, and then had to race ahead to catch up with him. Oy! It otherwise would have been a decent run. Heffner forgive me!
Our second run was Excellent Standard. The course wasn't too bad. There were some tricky spots, but I thought that we could handle it. It started off poorly because I put Heffner in a stand stay, that he broke as I was trying to make it out to jump two for a front cross. I had to scramble to try and make up for that. There were parts that weren't too bad, but he had lost his umph, and we bypassed a few jumps, the weaves, and the chute. Oh well. I just entered him in too many classes this weekend.

He also decided to start refusing to go up the ramp into the truck bed today. That was fun. When we were loading up to leave, I gave up on the battle and took the ramp down so that I could just let him jump in. Only he didn't want to do that either. Awesome Heffner. Obviously that's going to need some work to get him comfortable with the ramp again. Sigh. And now to get ready for a fun filled work week. I'm ready for a vacation!!

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