Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Bag A Great Dane

The sound of that title just kind of makes me giggle! Before I get into the trick training video, I have a bit of a weekend recap. On Saturday we went to an obedience match put on by our obedience club. Same place as before. I was really happy with both of the dogs' run. Heffner had a bobble on his recall the first time around, but it was much better the second time. And Bess did really well over all. Then on Sunday we ran out during one of the rain breaks and managed to get a light hike in. We were out for about an hour and half on a very gentle trail, but I still managed to come away with a sore back. Annoying. Advil thankfully fixed. And I will most likely continue to be popping those wonderful pills until my PT appointment on Wed. afternoon. I have to admit that I'm hoping I get prescribed a bunch of ball exercises.:0) Maybe it'll even give me an excuse to get a new piece of equipment without it having to come out of my personal or dog budget!! That would totally go under medical expenses.;0)

Anywho, on to the video! When I first saw the posting of How To Bag a Cougar, I was doubtful. I'm sure that someone out there makes a suitcase that could at least fit Bess laying diagonally in it, but I'm also pretty sure that it would cost a pretty penny. And I'm not all that interested in buying special luggage just to train a trick. As "luck" would have it, we had an old hard top suitcase that I inherited from my grandfather that we were planning on donating to Goodwill. It was largish and it didn't cost me anything. Problem solved! Sort of. Heffner really didn't progress past moving his feet around while in the suitcase. I tried to capture some head dips or anything remotely like a sit, including him sort of tucking his butt. It wasn't really happening, and while I'm sure that if I really persevered and kept at it, I might be able to get there with him. It's not that important, and we do still want to get rid of the suitcase. So Bess sallied forth and I was actually quite impressed with her willingness to try stuff, especially inside the suitcase. While my timing with the clicker is not always super, I'm slowly getting better. And try not to be too terribly jealous of my ridiculously awesome wardrobe! Didn't you get the memo that your socks shouldn't always go with what you're wearing???? Oh yeah, and as always, the video is a bit long. I put it together for myself as much as anyone else to see, and like so many people who adore their dogs, I just love watching them do anything! Enjoy!

ETA: You will also notice that I've changed a few things on the blog. One of which is the comments part. I was get pretty regularly spammed and wasn't always catching it. To the point where really old posts were getting spammed and I just happened to stumble on it when I started noticing it happening more. Unfortunately I now have things set up so that I have to approve any comments. I don't mean any offense to anyone who isn't spamming, it was just getting a little ridiculous with some of the comments that were left.

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Mango said...

I confess to kind of skipping through the movie, but bravo. Getting the hind end in is the hardest with a big dog, I think. I, too, struggle with finding something large enough (that I can also store out of the way when not training). But it is so much fun to work on new behaviors, isn't it?

Mango Momma