Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

In sticking with the Iditarod focus, my pick for Blog of the Week is Eye on the Trail! Sorry, I just can't get enough! I figure that the more variety you have in view points and the more people telling the stories, the better the picture that gets painted for those of us not there. Each person is going to be able to get a little something different; a slightly different take on an event and it's really interesting to hear about it. I hope you enjoy the blog!

We also won an award (thanks Remi!!)!! But I'm going to save that for once the Iditarod excitement fades.:)

I have a bit of good news on the Bess agility front! We went out to the practice barn tonight and I did a LOT of recalls with Bess. I actually did some with Heffner too to add a little variety in. With Bess I did short recalls on the ground. Recalls over one jump. Recalls here. Recalls there. She was doing SO well, that I decided to tempt fate and take her off leash after about 10-15 min. of being on leash. She did GREAT!! We did have one episode where she sucked into a tunnel, which naturally amped her up. But she came back, I put her on leash, and then we did more recalls on the ground with me going super crazy and amping her up. Then she had to stop when I stopped being crazy. Rinse and repeat. I like the idea of crazy time being on leash and work time being off leash. Regardless, she's responding REALLY well and we even did a 7 jump sequence all OFF LEASH!! Woo hoo!! I was a happy camper! I'm also really working the dogs' contacts. I want a stop on the down contacts so that I can use those lovely contact obstacles on a real course to catch up or throw in a front cross. So far so good with that! Two thumbs up for tonight!

And now I'm off to fold my laundry and watch some She-Ra!!

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Jennifer H. said...

So excited to hear about the progress you all are having with the agility zoomies!!! That is fantastic!! :)