Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

This week's Blogger Tuesday goes out to Remi the ridgeback at In the Company of Lions!! Remi is a fellow Pacific Northwest blogger. He and his people get out on lots of outside adventures. Some of which are to dog parks where he has excellent taste in playmates.;0) If you haven't checked him out before, head on over and say hi!

Remi also gave us the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks dude! The rules are that I need to tell everyone seven things about the dogs. Here goes!

1) Both dogs love getting outside for some exercise, even if it's raining a bit. Thankfully neither one is terribly bothered by the rain, though Bess does get a little peeved if she gets totally soaked.

2) Bess is a super leaner. To the point where it's been tempting to just suddenly step away from her to see if she catches herself. Mean mommy, I know, but it's a comical picture in my head!

3) Heffner is very gentle. From his kisses to the nose touches he'll randomly give me; they're always soft.

4) Bess has a butt fetish. More so than most dogs I've met. One of the most common phrases said around my house is "get your nose out of my butt." She's that way with dogs too. To the point where it's actually pretty rude and I try to avoid her getting overly sniffy. Who knows how many colon exams Heffner has had!

5) Heffner still gets the spins. It's usually after I get home from work and have let the dogs out to potty. He spins in place like he's got some sort of rod in the middle of his back that allows him to spin around in place. I really must try to capture this on video!

6) I still have random strangers asking me how old Bess is because they often think she's a puppy. This usually coincides with the time frame after a dog show when her muzzle has been shaved, to "hide" the signs of aging.

7) As much as they make me want to pull my hair out at times, I have to "secretly" admit that I often like it when the dogs are "bad." I tell them all the time what bad dogs they are.;0) To the point where I'm pretty sure they take it as praise now. Gotta love the gruesome twosome!

Now for the hard part, I have to pass this award along to five of the blogs that we follow. I always struggle with this, but here goes (I will try not to repeat blogs that have already been hit)! 1) Chianti's Blog

2) Danes Can Q

3) Dig It Fetch It Herd It

4) Fun With Falkor

5) It's A Berner-ful Life

Whether they decide to join in or just collect their pretty picture award, there they are!:0)


jen said...

Congratulations on your award!

LOL! Bess has a butt fetish:)

brooke said...

We love Remi! Congrats on your award!
That's so funny about Bess. Darwin is a big crotch sniffer too... so embarrassing!

Kennedy said...

Thanks for the award! Definitely vote for video for #5. LOL. Love your big boy. :)