Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogger Tuesday

Welcome to March! And you know what March brings? The Iditarod!! My blog picks for the month of March are all going to be Iditarod related to help you keep up on the news and excitement about the race. My pick for this week's Blog of the Week is Iditablog.com! You just don't get much more obvious than that! There's podcasts, webcams, and lots of information about the race and those competing in it. So head on over and start getting excited!

I took the dogs out to the agility barn tonight for the first time in about a month. Heffner was fantastic!! OMG! He was so obviously excited to be there. We warmed up a bit and then we just played around a little and he totally got the zoomies. I saw it coming and I knew that he needed a little release. He had such a blast! And then got right down to business after that. I'm jumping him at a lower jump height right now and we didn't work anything particularly hard, but I'm just so thrilled to be running him again!!

Bess also got to come along and play her version of agility which involves remaining on leash the entire time. I have never seen a dog try to take off zooming so much while ON LEASH! At one point I had the leash attached to my waist to free up my hands and she almost dragged me into a freaking tunnel! Somehow she managed to turn around in the tunnel and come flying back out at me. Yeah, that was fun. For probably the first 10-15 min. she kept trying to run off after one or two jumps. I really wish that I had somehow managed to record the whole session because she was in serious spaz mode and wanted nothing more than to just RUN! We've got some work ahead of us!

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