Monday, May 18, 2009

Check this out!

Before I get into talking about the You Tube video that's my pick for the month, I have to add in a couple of items that I wanted to post yesterday, but uploading videos took FOREVER! Even though it said that I posted yesterday at 9:something, I didn't end actually posting until after 11. I have a cute picture and video of Bess and Hunter having fun in the trailer on Sat.

I also have to say, holy crap is Heffner wound up today!! I knew that he would have a wee bit of energy saved up since his entertainment left on Fri. afternoon. That's more than 48 full hours without Bess exercising him! He had some serious zoomies today when I got home from work. He was tearing all around the back yard like he was on crack! It was pretty funny!

Okay, now on to what I actually intended to talk about.:O) Even before I started taking agility lessons first with Heffner, I have thought that it's just the neatest sport. Since getting into agility with both dogs, I really admire those who compete at the upper levels with great danes. It's not an easy feet. These guys aren't border collies and the courses aren't built with them in mind! It takes a lot of training and dedication as well as knowing your dog and paying very good attention to them to get them to this level. And it's just so awesome to see these great dogs and their handlers running these courses!! Here's a clip that's a sort of montage of a few danes running AKC agility:

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