Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funny site!

The web site that is my pick for the month was chosen because I was pretty surprised (and really shoulnd't have been!) when I heard about it. It's Wiggles Dog Wigs Yes, you read correctly. It's a site selling wigs for dogs!!LOL While I have tried out MANY things on my dogs, this is definitely one of those little expenses that I just haven't found a way to rationalize yet.;O) Either way, I found it very entertaining and just had to pass it along! And if anyone does happen to purchase one of their wigs, PLEASE send me a picture!! I think I'll just wait for Halloween to come around and buy a wing then!

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Daisyhill said...

I remembered hearing about this crazy place before, but couldn't remember where. Well, I was watching Animal Planet this weekend and saw the same segment I saw several months ago. It was on a show titled Outrageous Pets (or something similar). The owner of the store is a hoot. It also has a segment on Gibson the Great Dane, who is the current title holder for worlds tallest dog. If you happen upon the show while channel surfing, I recommend watching for a spell.