Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This blog is going to need some focus, especially if I want to actually share it with people ('cause right now, I seriously feel like I'm talking to myself; which I pretty much am). I've picked a few topics that I will visit each month. Originally I wanted to have a different thing that I would talk about each day of the week, but then I had too many topics and also got "worried" about missing a day and falling off the band wagon. So I'm making it relatively easy for myself. Here are the themes of sorts that I will hit for sure each month (as well as prattling on about my dogs!) in no particular order:

1) Dog product review - I buy all sorts of things for my dogs and I figured that I'd give my opinion of how they hold up with my dogs.

2) Collar review - sooooo my favorite thing to buy for my dogs! You could say that I have a bit of an addiction!

3) Web site - some dog or great dane related web site that I think is neat, great, helpful, or just fun.

4) Dog treat recipe review - I'll find a recipe and try it out on my dogs and see how it goes!

5) Conditioning - I'll talk about some sort of conditioning exercise for dogs and specifically how it works for great danes. It's an area that I'm really interested in and lucky enough to have instructors around me who are interested in this.

6) Nutrition - I'll do a little chat about some form of nutrition. Not necessarily something super in depth, but bringing up various areas of canine nutrition. Things that can be added to the diet to bring about specific benefits. Resources that have helped me along my way. I'm by no means an expert, but I find the topic interesting, especially since I feed raw.

7) Magazine review - there are a lot of dog related magazines out there and I like having a reason to check out ones that I haven't read before.

8) You Tube pick of the month - there are so many great You Tube videos out there of dogs in generl and great danes specifically, that I would like to share the ones that I think are really neat.

9) Book review - I like to read and I especially like to read books that are related to dogs. I've read a lot of them in very different areas.

10) Non-traditional or Homeopathic health remedies - this is an area that I'm getting more and more interested in and like the positive effects that I can see in my dogs.

11) Blogs - there are great blogs out there and I'd like to share the ones that I know about!

12) Hike review - I take my dogs hiking at least once a week to places all over Oregon and southern Washington. This will give me a reason to, at least once a month, purposefully seek out a new trail that we haven't been on before.

I know that's sort of long, but these are the topics that I'm going to comit to chatting about once a month. They're kind of broad to be really cohesive, but they'll at least be recurring themes throughout the month. And, of course, I'll ramble at least a bit about my dogs!:O)

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