Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Funny Story!

Let me just start off by saying I'm not usually one of those people who gets really irritated and then acts out on total strangers. Yes I tend to get a little road ragy and ranty about things that bother me, but I don't usually take action against them. Well, I took action today!LOL A group of three middle schoolers were walking down our street acting sort of obnoxious and just generally what's normal for that age. Heffner likes to bark at most things that walk in front of his house, but especially noisy things like kids just out of school (I got home early today because I went to pick up my meat order, but more on that later). So he starts barking and one of the kids decides to sort of egg him on a little. He picks up our garbage can (it was garbage day today), waves it over his head, and then throws it onto our front lawn. I happened to be right by the window and saw him do it. So I opened the window and told him to pick the garbage can back up. He just sort of mumbled and kept moving on with his friends and wouldn't even look towards the house. I told him that if he didn't pick the garbage can back up, I was going to let the dogs loose on him. No response. Alrighty then! For whatever reason I decided to follow through on my threat! Well, not EXACTLY!

I opened the door, took Heffner by the collar and chased after them. Unfortunately for them, they took off down a dead end road. The girl in the group just stood off to the side and obviously didn't want to really be associated with the whole thing. The two boys were hiding behind some garbage cans of this random house. Seriously??? So I pulled the garbage cans out and let Heffner get face-to-face with them. Needless to say, they were a little awed and I think just scared enough to not be too macho. I told the one kid that I would appreciate him coming back and picking up the garbage can that he threw. He tried lying to me, but TOTALLY couldn't even maintain eye contact with me. He then tried blaming it on his buddy who was definitely NOT about to take the blame for his friend!LOL So we sllllloooooowwwwwllllllyyyyy walked back to the house where he actually very politely picked up the garbage can for me. I thanked him and told his friends that I was sorry that they had to put up with the whole charade. Now, I'm just paranoid that our house is going to get egged or something.:O/ Oh well, I guess I'll just unleash the hounds!

And the reason I happened to be home early today was because I made the treck into Portland (I'm definitely not a fan of driving my truck around in the city) to pick up my meat order for the dogs. I feed raw and about every three months I go and pick up their food. I'll take some pictures along the way to show the whole "fun" process!

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