Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Poop!

Why is it that I have to have a dog who manages to always find something HORRIBLE to roll in when we're out hiking/running around???? I took the dogs out this afternoon after work to a big hay field to run around. There happen to be deer that like to frequent this field as well. Deer equals deer poop. Bess managed to find a FRESH pile of deer poop and roll in it. She didn't do just a little dainty roll either. She smeared the stuff all over her shoulder and side and onto her opposite shoulder. She also managed to work it into her collar and coat her name tag and clip in it. Yeah, she was disgusting. She managed to get a bit of it off on the way back to the truck thankfully. So the picture above doesn't quite do the Queen of Nastiness justice! I did feel a little guilty loading her up in the back of the truck with Heffner, but then again, he occasionally rolls in nastiness too (just not NEARLY as often as she does) and I was kind of hoping that the smell would teach them both a lesson. I really doubt it, but here's hoping!

Once we got home, it was straight to the back yard with the nasty girl. She didn't even get the benefit of a warm bath either. She got to stand there while I took the hose to her. Mean while I was thinking "it smears the deer poop on it's skin and gets the hose again!" That did put a little smile on my face. And to make me feel a littl guilty, Bess totally just stood there (which was a good thing becaus it wasn't like I could actually hang onto her colllar since it was coated) and took her medicine. And now she's nice a clean and having fun licking herself even cleaner.

While I'm talking about poop, does anyone else with multiple dogs notice that their dogs tend to synchronize their pooping? I know that it can't just be my dogs. When we're out hiking or even in the backyard, they have a very high tendency to start pooping at EXACTLY the same time! It's uncanny! They don't even have to be looking at each other! They can be really far apart, and still the pooping is synchronized! Oh the things that I ponder.:O)

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Daisyhill said...

Too bad you didn't have Ginger with you to eat the poop before Bess found it!

I always keep easily washable coats in my car for just such occasions. Throwing a coat on the offender (or offenders) minimizes the number of dogs I have to bathe and the number of hours I have to spend cleaning the back of the Tahoe!

Oh, and my dogs don't synchronize their pooping. Must just be something special between Heffner and Bess :o)