Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magazine of the Month

My pick for Magazine of the Month is Fido Friendly! It's a bimonthly magazine focused on travelling with your dogs! A very cool concept and I've really enjoyed the articles. Each issue is broken into four parts: Features, The Off Directory, Destinations, and Departments. Features focusses on various different aspects of doggy life. Many of which pertain to travelling with your dog. Whether it be travel safety or being aware of different illnesses, like lepto, that are more prominent in different locales. The Off Directory includes a lifestyle section, travel directory (which focusses on one specific smaller travel destination), and marketplace. This is kind of the fun off topic section of the magazine. The Destinations section is just that. It's descriptions of different travel destinations and how they pertain to bringing your dog along or if you travel by yourself, what the local dog scene is like. And finally the Departments section goes over side topics that pertain to travel and dogs. Topics such as buying a car with your dog in mind. This is also the section where you will see seasonal themes like throwing a doggy Halloween party!:O) At any rate, I find this magazine quite enjoyable and have gotten quite a few neat travel ideas from it!

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