Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

Oy, we've been busy!! I didn't get around to posting an update from the show this past weekend on Sun. or Mon. night like I had planned, so I'll do a little bit of it now before I get on to the blog of the week. It was a good weekend, but not the best results wise for us. Bess' breeder Georgia and I had talked about potentially have her handle Bess to see if she could get a little more out of her in the ring and that's what we did this weekend. On Fri., Bess went reserve winners bitch. That evening I handled her in the fun match and she took a group 1! That was pretty cool! I also got to play with a couple of puppies! Also very fun!! I have pictures, but I haven't uploaded anything off of my camera yet. I was just so tired after this weekend!

Sat. and Sun. she didn't do anything. Bummer. We've still got two more weekends of shows, a weekend off, and then another big show. Busy, busy, busy.

And like I said on Fri., Bess is also in heat. Oh what fun! Actually, she's really quite easy when she's in season. She's not a gusher, she doesn't have much of an odor at all, and she's not totally crazy. For about the first week and a half she's really clingy and needy. Which is mostly cute. For the last week and half, we usually have to separate the dogs because she goes into full hoocy momma mode. If Heffner isn't trying to mount her on his own (and yes, he's neutered and has been for a couple of years now, but we didn't remove the parts in his brain that make him a boy!), then she's constantly sticking her butt up in his face and TRYING to get him to mount her. She has some boxers on while she's loose in the house, but apparently that doesn't matter at all. So it's that last week and a half that I'm really dreading. And we're showing all throughout it. Ug!!

Now for this weeks blog pick! I chose Holly & Zac and Their Adventures! It's a great blog about two border collies and, well, their adventures. Their mom takes some WONDERFUL pictures that I just love browsing through! Go check it out!!

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