Friday, August 14, 2009

Collar of the Month

This month's collar is made Aah Paws, from their metallic martingale selection! Heffner's is the red one and Bess' is the pink one. Heffner's has gotten a LOT more wear than Bess', but has held up really well to hard use and a lot of washing. The red color has definitely faded, but otherwise, these collars hold up really well! And I like the metallic colloring. Just gives it a little pop!:)

Bess was getting a little annoyed at the camera in her face and gave me this look!
And if you want to check out some of the highlights from last night's Dog Show, just check out Andie's blog!


my2danes said...

you are soooo bad, i have such a collar fetish, but havent yet been able to expand the boys collection..
looks like ill have to start saving lol

Elizabeth said...

OMG!! I love that look Bess is giving you! If looks could kill! Ya gotta love her!

Andrea said...

When I bought the cool coats there, I bought each pup a metallic collar as well! $10... what an awesome deal with free shipping!