Monday, August 3, 2009

Web Site of the Month

I'm going to try to go with a keeping cool theme this month. Well sort of. Although our weather forecast for the next couple of weeks has temperatures in the 70's. That's pretty stinkin' cold for Aug., but I'll take it!

My pick for web site of the month is Canine Water Sports! It's great to go out and just dork around with your dog and have fun, but sometimes, you want to take it a little bit further and see what you can train your dog to do. There are a few breed clubs that hold various different water tests for their specific breed, but if you're not one of those breeds, you're out of luck for finding a trial to test your skills. The Canine Water Sports group solves that problem. They are open to every breed!

The site has helpful descriptions of what the various tests are like, what the rules are, and how to find one near you. There's also a section on training for some of the individual tests. It's yet another way to have fun with your dog and make playing in the water not only fun, but add a little something to it. It's a way that you and your dog can really interact with each other. They can learn to tow you. You can learn to swim together.

And of course there's a section of the site devoted to the equipment that you need, equipment that is helpful, and where to buy it. I use this as a general guideline and search around for the equipment that will fit my guys better.

Anyhow, I hope you check it out and it gives you something more to do with your dog in the heat!

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