Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Wednesday

Why do random people feel the need to comment on my dogs when we're out and about? It really never fails. If you have a giant breed dog and you go out in public at all, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! It's the "that's not a dog, that's a pony;" "got a saddle for that thing;" "how much does he/she weigh;" "how much does he/she eat;" "that's a big dog." And when Heffner was a puppy I used to get the people "knowingly" shaking their heads at me, "he's gonna get big." REALLY??! A great dane gets big??? Hold the phone! Is THAT what having a giant breed dog means? UG! I'm not an idiot like so many other people who get a giant breed dog, then it starts to grow, and then they put it up on Craiglist because it got too big. Those people got hit real hard with the stupid stick when they were growing up!

But I digress! There was a time, and I'm slowly getting better, that I honestly dreaded taking either of the dogs out. It's the non-stop comments and those stupid saddle jokes. Yes, I've heard it a thousand times and no, you're not the first genius to come up with that one so don't act so damn proud of yourself! Sorry. Now I'm getting crabby. As you can tell, it tends to hit a nerve with me. I don't mind so much when people comment on how cool or beautiful the dogs are. That I can appreciate and it's flattering that others see the beauty that I get to see every day. It's just those other people that tend to hit my irritation button.

So if you're out strolling around and you see someone walking a REALLY large dog and you feel the need to make a comment about the dogs size, DON'T! The owner will appreciate you!

This has been a public service announcement for my own sanity!LOL

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