Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Wednesday

Why am I so excited today? Because Heffner and Bess are going to have a picture in the IFCC Dog Show!!! I mentioned before that H & B had some pictures taken by Andie Petkus and were potentially going to be in her part of the gallery show. It's official and they're going to be in it! She sent out an email today that included a flyer for her pictures (that's the picture at the top of the post) and the show. I was THRILLED to see that my babies were on it! As the flyer states, there's an opening party next Thur. the 13th and I plan on taking Bess to go see it. I'm so excited!! It's always so cool when someone else thinks that your dogs are pretty neat too (especially since I'm so incredibly biased!LOL).:O) I plan on taking lots of pictures since I know there's going to be a lot of neat stuff to see and other neat people and doggies to meet. Hmmmm....I wonder if Bess should get a new nail polish color for the occasion?LOL

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