Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Wednesday

Woot woot!! This is my 100th post!! And now back to Why Wednesday.:o)

Why aren't there more hours in the day? There are so many things that I want to do with my dogs! Trying to fit all of it in, in addition to competing, in addition to working full time, in addition to trying not to completely ignore my husband who's not so into the doggy sports, and in addition to trying not to alienate my non-dog friends (who are admittedly a very small population). It's a tough balance and I was sort of having a little freak out over the past week. Oh yeah, and fitting in all the study time that I'm going to need to pass the test to become a certified veterinary technician!

Regardless, my dogs will stay in shape, which is usually my top concern. I don't like fat dogs and I want to make sure that my dogs stay in good shape so that they can live forever.;o) But trying to work in different exercises to help with various aspects of agility and other things, as well as agility practice, agility trials, conformation shows, picking back up with tracking training, starting conditioning for scootering in the fall, skijoring in the winter, and skijor racing with Bess, as well as a few other things that I have in the works for 2010; it can be a bit daunting if I think about it all at once! So I'm trying to take things slowly. One day at a time. And I'm really trying to not over burden myself. But it REALLY would be helpful if there were either more hours in the day or I just didn't need to sleep. Ever. Of course, being independently wealthy and not having to work would also help things along!LOL

Changing subjects completely, Steve the friend taking pictures are the trial on Sat., has posted the pictures that he took from that day!! Here are the two links:

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

awww-- you are busy huh?--i just couldn't go go go like that. my dogs are just for fun and we just like to go exploring, i would go nuts if i had to train them like that, they would not enjoy stresses them out just to obey a sit/stay command--HAHAHA!! i admire your fast paced life but definately couldn't do it! you are made of different material than us that is for sure ;-)