Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blogger Tuesday and More!

Last night was the event out at Portland International Raceway's holiday light show. They close down the track for one night each year so that people (and their pets) can walk through the lights). It's so much fun and even though we haven't always had the best of weather, we've enjoyed it. This year was our fourth year going. I took both dogs with me and a friend, Jen, ended up walking Bess. We met up with our local dane group and walked around with them. The group kind of got spread out throughout the walk, so it was hard to be able to talk to everyone (plus I had Heffner, who doesn't get along with everyone), but I still had a great time! The above picture I stole from Andrea.:) The picture immediately below this Kennedy took of us (thanks Kennedy!!). And the rest are mine.:)
On our way into the parking area!

The dogs in their new Christmas coats with their Christmas lights on (picture without flash)!
(with flash)
Jen and Bess
Here we go!!

For my December 1st picture I was going to try and pick just one of the pictures and present it here, but I'm just going to use the whole Winter Wonderland light show as my December 1st pictures!! More to come tomorrow.;o)

Now on to Blog of the Week! My pick this week is North Wapiti Blog! If you want to check out the tails of a musher getting ready for the Iditarod, then check out this blog! There are bios on the individual members of the team as well as the tales of training and beautiful pictures of their runs. It's just incredible to see that much dog power harnessed to a tiny sled!


MurphyDog said...

what a fun night! Mom loves your christmas coats. Are those handmade or did you buy those?

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Lindsay said...

I actually made them myself!:)

The Thundering Herd said...

Very cool lights and what a great way to spend your evening.

Love the blog of the week choice. Karen is great with her dogs and is a fascinating person.