Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Freaking Cold!

Holey moley it's been cold here the past few days!! Through this week we're expected to have highs in the low 30's and lows in the teens. Yipes! And I do have to admit that going outside is quite unpleasant right now. It's dry, but because of that it's also windy and static electricity abounds. I could handle the cold by itself, but when you add the wind, it's just no fun. The dogs however, seem to be pretty much unfazed by it. They're raring to go in the mornings for our new routine and they're raring to go again in the afternoon when I get home.

Our little morning training sessions are going pretty well! On Mon., Wed., and Fri., mornings we walk out to the middle school a little ways from our house and we work on heeling along a wall. It's been going really well and I want to start adding in some proper sits. Both dogs have fairly crooked sits. Probably Bess more so than Heffner. Although Bess will stay closer to my hip while Heffner tends to sit more behind me. At any rate, due to the weather I've had to add many things to my wardrobe. I probably look like I'm ready to go play in the snow! A big warm hat is a must! Followed by a big cozy scarf. Cozy sweats. And a few different layers of tops with a coat. I'm using food rewards with them, so I'm leaving off the gloves, although it gets pretty painful by the end of our short sessions. I just can't manage with gloves on though.

Tue. and Thur. mornings are our Ball Studio mornings. The dogs are sooooo enthusiastic about their exercises! And I'm really happy to say that Heffner is coming along in some exercises that I wasn't quite sure that he was going to want to do. I can now get him to sit on the large balance disc!! I like this exercise specifically because it's really getting him to keep his back legs tighter to his body when he sits so that he's not all splayed out. What can I say about Bess, she just does pretty much anything I ask her to with the balls and with gusto!

The reason that I picked Mon., Wed., and Fri., mornings as our more obedience focused mornings (we do a little heel work on the other mornings, but not much) is because we do our cardio on those evenings. Doing strength training on the same day that I do cardio isn't something that I would do for multisport training for me, so I'm not doing it with the dogs. Tue. and Thur. nights are agility nights (we have league on Fri. nights, but this week is our last week) and there's not as much cardio since it's a class setting, so I figured those mornings would work out better. Our weekends are a hodge podge of whatever I decide to do based on what we've got scheduled and what I have to work around. But otherwise, our morning routine is working out quite nicely!:)

Now on to the picture!! Since you saw that I even decorate my truck for Christmas, you shouldn't be surprised that the bedroom even gets a little decked out. Happy December 7th!
I know the dogs don't look terribly impressed, but they were soooooo excited to be allowed up on the bed! It was hard to snap a picture where they were both looking "normal" and not like they had just gotten yelled at or were bored out of their minds! Here are a few of the out takes.


M.T. said...

Haha ... outtakes and bloopers are always my favourites!!

Emma Rose said...

Great photos. And yes, it has been way too cold here! At least we're not driving on ice yet :)

Anonymous said...

do you find that Bess and Heffner know their routine now even though its a bit complicated?
I think it sounds awesome btw! Bess and Heffner are very lucky dogs :-)
Mr Darcy always went for a walk with his labrafriend on tuesday mornings. we would meet at the bus stop. Well I don't know how, but Mr D always new when it was tuesday morning. He would wake up really early and be excited straight away - even though it was another 3 hours before he would meet his friend! Yet he failed to understand some much simpler concepts lol!