Sunday, December 13, 2009


Heffner and Bess say "whatcha doin' in the nail bathroom mom?" Heffner: "We just had our nails dremmeled Thur. night." Bess: "And you've got cookies." H and B: "What are you going to do to us now?" Me: "Well my darlings, we all know that it just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't paint your toe nails!":) Yes, it is that time again! Now in the past I've done just alternating red and green as well as attempting some very time consuming and smudge prone Christmas themed french tips. This year, I'm going with decals! Heffner's decals:
Bess' decals (sorry for the crappy lighting. I really have to work on that. The flash was awful though):
Heffner's toe nails (and yes we did have a slight smudging on one nail and a red smear on one paw. That's what I get for starting before he's fully situated!):

Bess' toe nails:

I put the dogs into down stays so that I could take a group shot and Bess just sort of put herself into this cute pose where she put her foot on top of Heff's. I thought it was adorable (as I do with MANY of the things that they do!).

And just in case you're wondering, these decals were not something that I easily found in stores. I actually ordered them online from The Nail Superstore. They have a nice wide variety of holiday themed nail decals that I LOVE! Thankfully I started thinking about this back in November and had the forethought to order them then. I knew I had to do something a little different this year with the pooches. And yes, I realize that I'm really flying the Christmas freak flag right now.:) Just a warning to those thinking about using the decals on themselves or their dogs. The decals do NOT come off easily even with a few different tries with nail polish remover. I ended up grinding the last decals off the dogs nails (we had an AKC agility trial and you cannot have anything artificial on your dog). The ones that I put on my toe nails are actually still there and I had to put a fair amount of color over them so that they weren't easily visible. So anyhow, Happy December 13th!!!:)

I worked today, so not a whole lot to blog about for today's events. I was able to get the dogs out for some romping out in their favorite field, but that's pretty much it.

Tonight, as I was reading through some of the blogs that I follow, I read a post about this really cool photography challenge called 52 Weeks for Dogs. I read about it on Amanda's blog. I love taking pictures of my dogs and I do take a lot of random ones of them. It would be kind of a fun challenge each week to try and pick something different to do and hopefully also increase my photography skills. While I do realize that I am limited by the camera that I have, it can still definitely take great pictures. Plus it'll be really cool to see what other people post and get some ideas and learn some things from them. Who knows, maybe by my birthday I'll be hitting hubby up for an upgrade on the ole camera.;o)


Jennifer H. said...

LOVE it!!! SO, so cute. :) And I can appreciate the flying of your Christmas Freak Flag. ;)

Kennedy said...

I love how Bess put her foot on Heff. They make such a cute couple.

brooke said...

hehe. Bess is trying to comfort Heffner.... "it's okay, we know you're a boy even if mom paints your nails... only a couple more weeks of this. we'll get through it together."
I saw that photo challenge too, and I was thinking about joining the group, but it seemed so serious!

The Thundering Herd said...

Really - the members of The Herd are not laughing.

The PR Gang said...

You've outdone yourself this year! Adorable!

M.T. said...

Wow, i'm IMPRESSED -- all that meticulous work on matching nails!!! How long did it take you to do everyone's????

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Heffner & Bess,

My mom loves to do her own nails and when she's painting them I have to check her out and see what she's doing and I just sneeze like crazy...I think I would look quite lovely with pink nails but Mom won't paint them for me she thinks I'll make a mess all over the house. But she said to tell you that she loves the nails you painted for your furbabies...too cute.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

Lindsay said...

It usually takes about 20-30 minutes per dog. Mostly because anything more than one single coat takes longer to dry enough that it won't smudge while the dogs walk on the carpet. for these colors I used two coats of color per nail, then the decal, and then a clear top coat to seal in the decals. Took a little while for them to dry enough. I've used a blow dryer in the past to help speed things along, but it doesn't always seem to help.

Wild Dingo said...

You are a sick, sick woman. My kind of woman. New ways to torture your dogs. OH my stars... Loki would NOT like this. nope, not at all! (but i sure do!!!)

wild dingo