Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Movie Marathon 2009 and More!

First of all, we would love to thank Murphy for giving us the above award!! You guys totally rock! We would like to pass this award on to:

1) Blogging Dante. I love hearing the stories about these two beautiful doberman kids and the musings of their mom!
2) Brutus the Frenchie. Ridiculously adorable little frenchie who does agility and obedience!
3) Chihuahuas Are Not Sheep. I just love hearing all the stories about the little chi's and their crazy border collie brother!
4) Danes Can Q. It helps that we know Vegas and her mom in "real life," but we'd enjoy their blog (and the collars Kennedy makes!) anyway!
5) Dig-it Fetch-it Herd-it. Love the pictures, love the dogs, and love all the stuff they get to do!
6) Romping and Rolling in the Rockies. I absolutely love all the breath taking pictures of the gorgeous wilderness these guys live in. Love the hidden wildlife camera shots, the explanations on different animal tracks, and especially how energetic this lady is!
7) The Life Story of Miss Layla. Beautiful malamute girl who does agility and obedience!
8) Evolution of Darwin. The stories of a blue dane pup as she grows up in the Pacific Northwest!
9) The Thundering Herd. I can't help it! SIX siberian huskies??? I love hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of these beautiful guys!

And since I didn't blog yesterday (I'll get around to the fun story of my day yesterday!), I have two Christmas pictures to post! Here's December 19th's picture:
This is the dogs with all the Christmas movies that we have. This picture was taken Friday night as we were gearing up for our 6th annual Christmas Movie Marathon!
Happy December 20th! I was going for a sort of humorous shot of Bess "pulling" Heffner in the little plastic sled. However, it was kind of icky outside and I didn't really feel like trying to get the dogs to cooperate with all of this stuff while outside, so I opted for inside. Since Heffner isn't allowed to get any exercise right now, I thought it would be funny to have him in the sled. Bess was not amused! Heffner, however, WAS! Here are some of the out takes:

Yesterday was one of the Christmas traditions that we have that I totally look forward to all year! It was our 6th annual Christmas Movie Marathon (CMM)! I started doing it back at our old house soon after Adam got his first projector. We had started to slowly accumulate Christmas movies and I wanted to sit down and watch a bunch of them. Then I thought it might be fun to have something along the lines of a movie marathon and it just grew from there. I am slight OCD about the schedule (that might be an understatement depending on the type of person that you are). Here's yesterday's schedule:

7:00am Breakfast
8:00am The Muppet Christmas Carol
9:32am Claymation Christmas
9:59am The Year Without a Santa Claus
10:49am 45 min. Lunch Break
11:34am Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
12:26pm Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
1:20pm Frosty the Snowman
1:47pm Frosty's Winter Wonderland
2:14pm A Charlie Brown Christmas
2:42pm A Garfield Christmas
3:08pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas
3:36pm Classic Holiday Stories
4:11pm A Merry Fraggle Holiday - The Bells of Fraggle Rock
4:58pm 60 min. Dinner Break
5:58pm National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
7:38pm A Christmas Story
9:14pm The Santa Claus 3
10:46pm The 6th Annual Christmas Movie Marathon is over until next year.

The start times for each movie is based upon the run time for each, with an included three minute "break" in between each movie to allow for quick bathroom breaks, a stretch, grabbing some food, and for me to switch DVDs and queue up the next movie.:o) I have a wonderful spreadsheet (have I mentioned before that I LOVE Excel??) where I have a list of all the Christmas movies that we own with their individual run times. Within this spreadsheet I have separate pages for each year's movie marathon. There are some movies that I absolutely love and will be there every single year. And there are other time slots that for rotating movies. We have a ton of Christmas movies, and the number only continues to grow each year, so it gets hard sometimes to figure out which movies to include and which to leave out. There are those "odd" Christmas specials that I usually like to occasionally throw. Ones like He-Man and She-Ra's Christmas Special (bet you didn't know they had one out on DVD!!LOL) or the Fraggle Rock Christmas Episodes.;O)

For the meals, I usually make a Krispy Kreme run early in the morning and pick up a couple dozen donuts. Mmmmmm.....Krispy Kreme's!! I also pick up some ridiculously delicious bagels from My Favorite Muffin and Bagel Cafe the day before along with their variety of cream cheeses.:o) Lunch is usually a hodge-podge of meats and cheeses. This year Adam ran out to Trader Joe's and picked us up some goodies of the meat and cheese variety. Dinner is also kind of a whatever I'm feeling like at the moment. This year, for the small group that was hanging out at that point (I also invite some people over to enjoy the festivities and my neuroses), we had Baja Fresh. Throughout the day there's always a variety of drinks including orange juice, soda, coffee (with holiday creamers!), egg nog, wines, beer, and whatever else we pick up. It makes for some not too terribly grazing throughout the day that is highly enjoyable.

Now that we have all three of the Santa Clause movies, I am REALLY tempted to have a mini marathon the night before showing those movies. We'll see if I add that in to repertoire!

Basically it's a whole lot of eating, being lazy, and soaking up the Christmas mood.:) Here are some pics I took of the dogs throughout the day, soaking up the laziness and attention they were getting!

Bessy going in for some lovin' on my sister, who happily obliged her.
I had to give my dad a stern talking to before my parents came over on Sat. because he LOVES to get the dogs totally riled up! That's all I needed was for Heffner to go into full spaz mode because grandpa was there and tweak something worse!
Andrea getting some loving from both the dogs!

We LOVE our theater room!!
Bess getting snuggly with her daddy. She is such a snuggle bum!:)

I believe this is all of the Christmas movies that we have. I wonder exactly how long it would take us to get through ALL of the movies if we just watched them straight through?? That may very well be a challenge that I will take on one of these years. Though I better do it soon before the collection grows too out of hand.;o)
Bess taking advantage of Tilly's niceness and essentially taking over the whole couch!
You may be saying to yourself, what is the appropriate attire for a Christmas Movie Marathon? Why Christmas pajamas and a Christmas sweater of course (and throw in some Christmas earrings with a matching light up necklace, and Christmas socks)!!
At one point I was sitting in the middle. Then Bess starting gradually taking it over and I got up. She was actually sleeping, and snoring loudly, like this.
Today has been more laziness with some Christmas shopping at the mall thrown in. I'm almost done with my shopping!! Just one more gift card to buy and I'm good to go.


Schwang said...

I love your photoshoot! The best part of winter is being able to be lazy inside and not feel bad about it.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

wow that sounds like a really cool idea. i don't think i could personally handle all that fun though!

Emma Rose said...

We thought about you today when we were driving through Sandy towards Mt. Hood to visit friends. I am so glad we are not the only ones that love Christmas movies. That is our favorite part of the season! The more the merrier.

Oh and congrats on your award. You deserve it. You have a great blog and two very fine BIG dogs! :)

Emma Rose

Tucker said...

My Mom says you need to add the Simpson's Christmas special to your movie list. Our family watches it every Thanksgiving right after the Turkey meal. It's a good doggie story. Momma says if she ever adopts a greyhound she'll name it Santa's Little Helper or #9.

woof - Tucker

brooke said...

Thank you for the award! How cool!
Your Christmas shananagans crack me up! Bess and Heffner in the sled is so cute! Heff looks totally content to be pulled around!
And OMG with the Christmas movies! hahaha. How funny! Excel spreadsheet and all!

The Thundering Herd said...

First - thanks for the shout out. There were a couple of blogs on the list we don't know, so we will check them out.

And what a great tradition. Ok, I can not imagine the Herd sitting still through a day of movies, but it does sound fun.

Kennedy said...

First, thank you for passing the award. So sweet! :) And second - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Heffner looks quite proud of himself and Bess looks like she wants to pull out the "B" card on Heff - or you!! Hahahaha, so cute with her upside down and I can just hear the snores. Vegas does that kind of thing too, sometimes. Silly Danes. :) Next year I've definitely got to make the movie marathon - looks like fun. And you must be the only person who can pull of not only Christmas attire but day and nighttime Christmas attire and not look like a dweeb. :)

Training my Mammoth said...

THANK YOU for the award! That's awesome, I love it!!

Your movie marathon sounds great - great selection of movies! Our movie marathon gets stretched across the month - usually one movie a night unless we get home too late from work.

I have a somewhat similar problem with my dad and the dogs. One day I noticed Layla hadn't touched her breakfast, so I said, "Oh, she must not be feeling well. She hasn't eaten breakfast." My dad says, "Sure she has." I say, "No, her bowl is full." My dad says, "She just ate a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich and some scrambled eggs." He made her breakfast, and nobody else!

Casey the lab does the upside down naps on the couch, complete with snoring.

LOVE the pictures!! Merry almost Christmas!!

M.T. said...

I want a movie room like yours!!!! And gosh, Bess and Heff are such good sports, posing so sassily for all the neat shots you post here! LOL