Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not much again.....

Happy December 5th! Having great danes means that you usually start accruing great dane and great dane related paraphernalia. And Christmas time is no exception! We also have Scooby Doo ornaments, but I just wasn't really feeling like putting those out with the dogs. Here's what the set up looks like without the dogs (and Adam popping in for a quick pose).

Not much to blog about again. We had a 1:30pm ring time today for danes with several breeds ahead of us. I spent the morning getting random chores done and getting in some pictures with the dogs.:) I managed to leave the house an hour AFTER I actually wanted to leave. That sometimes happens to me for whatever reason. Late afternoon ring times totally throw me off since I'm so used to 8am, which is what we have tomorrow. Thankfully I still got ring side with plenty of time to set up Bess' crate, get her settled, and chat with people. Bess took a frustrating second in her class after being totally solid. I don't want to dwell on how her class went. The other bitch is a really nice bitch as well, she just really wasn't working well with the handler.

After the show, I rushed home to pick up Heffner and then we were off to PetUtopia for pictures with Santa! I CANNOT wait to see those pictures! The Santa was an actually authentic looking Santa and the photographer took a TON of pictures with a TON of different poses and set designs. I was really thrilled! I'll be sure to post the link to the online pictures once they're up.:)

After the pictures, it was off to the first of the deluge of Christmas and holiday themed parties. Thankfully it was a really fun one and we had a great time. Though I'm still up, writing this blog post, and I need to be back in Ridgefield by 7am. Hmmmm......that's going to be an early morning!


Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Good Morning Bess & Heffner,

Love the picture with you guys and your Scooby stuff! I'm sorry you only took a second Bess but maybe you will do better today.

I went and saw Santa last week (mom's not posting the picture until next week or later). But let me tell you I was terrified of the big guy!! I was shaking in my boots (ok I didn't have boots on) but I didn't like him...must have been his outfit.

Have a great Sunday.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

brooke said...

Aww I want to find a Santa for Darwin to take pictures with, though I dont know how she'll react to him as she's turned into a scardy cat and will bark at anything or anyone unfamiliar.
Cant wait to see Heffners pictures!