Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week this week is Danes World! This blog is all about Sasha the great dane and her daily adventures. Go check her out and say hi!

Happy December 22nd! The dogs were just settling in for some Christmas tea.;o)

Well, tonight was the first night that I actually had to exercise only one dog. Heffner's vet visit was last Fri. and Fri. night I had plenty going on after work getting ready for the Christmas movie marathon, that I just didn't get around to doing anything with Bess. Then Sat. was the big movie marathon and I spent the whole day vegged out on the couch watching Christmas movies.:o) Sun. I was feeling incredibly lazy in the morning, then did some Christmas shopping, and felt like more laziness in the evening. Not entirely normal for me, but I think I was sort of preparing myself for the stress and craziness I had ahead of me this week at work. And yet again on Mon., no exercise for Bessy because I was at work from 8am until 7pm. I had to be at work again by 6:45am this morning, so there was no ball exercising for her. So pretty much the dogs have had a whole lot of nothing the past few days! And good lord were they feeling it!

It's getting increasingly more difficult to keep Heffner quiet. He's still got at least a week and a half of no exercise and he's definitely feeling his oats! I felt incredibly guilty when I took Bess running with me tonight, but she is also feeling quite full of herself. The both of them inside the house with cabin fever just leads to WWF in whatever room they happen to be in. Not good! So I took the crazy one running and let her off leash in some soccer fields along the way to burn off her zoomies. She was having a total blast zipping all over the fields!

Once we got home, Heffner was over joyed to see us. Thankfully Bess had exorcised her demons and wasn't as enthusiastic to get all up in his face for some wrestling. Then they got fed and all was well. Except that I've noticed one thing about Heffner since he's been on the Rimadyl. I was totally prepared for him to drink a whole lot of water and need to pee a whole lot. Adam actually volunteered to come home during the week days to let him out to pee. It's the side effect that I've heard people complain about the most. Only, we haven't had that AT ALL. And he's getting it twice a day. I was a little surprised, but also pleased. However, one of the side effects that I read about was increased appetite. Heffner has had an awesome appetite since being switched to raw almost two years ago. And he's always been pretty easily food motivated. Now, though, he's like this intense black hole for food. I literally just fed him his dinner and started to eat mine and he was staring my food down. And actually being pretty rude about it. I'm not hard on the dogs when it comes to me eating food around them. As long as they keep their distance and respect my space, I really don't mind them being around me. Heffner will usually watch the food for a short bit and then lose interest. That is NOT the case now. He watches every bit of food like he's been starved for a week! I really can't adequately describe how incredibly intense he is about food right now. When I'm posing the dogs for their pictures, he's practically falling over himself in order to go where I point and do what I ask for just a morsel of treat. It's just insane! Has anyone else experienced this with their dog(s) if they've been on Rimadyl??


Life With Dogs said...

Great blog recommendation - it's an old favorite!

Happy holidays!

Schwang said...

I like your tea party; you have the best photos! We already have a "food motivated" dog (just look at Miss M's eyeballs), I can't imagine what it would be like with "increased appetite" on top of that.