Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is Zoya's Kennel Journal! These are the adventures of a working husky kennel! You can check out things are going with their winter training, what races they're entered in, and how the team is doing. Go check them out!
In other news, we got snow today! And not just the usual dusting either! I think we have some where around 5 inches now. Maybe more. It's stopped snowing for now and the forecast is that it's supposed to rain tonight and the snow should theoretically go away. However, it's kind of difficult to put a lot of stock in weather people who also didn't forecast us getting this snow in the first place, let alone the large amount that we have. And of course, it's totally wreaked havoc on all the roads. Anyone who had to use anything remotely close to a major road of any sort has had a hellish time. I've heard from one person that it took them an hour and 45 min. just to go two blocks. Most people have had relatively short commutes turn into multiple hour commutes. So yeah, while the snow is beautiful and I had absolutely no problem getting home today other than just driving slower than usual of my own accord (and having it in 4 wheel drive), it has really done nasty things for people in moving vehicles.

When I got home, naturally the dogs were super amped up. Heffner was DYING to go out and play in the snow. I feel even more guilty than I've been feeling for not being able to let him out to play and romp like he would like to. Bess was also climbing the walls and her I could do something about. I took her down to the park that's two blocks from our house. It was totally deserted and I was able to let her off leash for a good 40 min. to burn off some serious steam. She was pretty funny! And naturally, I took pictures.:o)

I did also get some shots of Heffner out in our backyard while he was given a quick pee break. He did manage to get a lap of zooming in on me (that's what happens when you're paying more attention to the view finder on the camera than what your dog is about to start doing) before I got him to stop. In the process he managed to cut one of his rear foot pads. Maybe that'll teach him? Doubt it!


Emma Rose said...

We were pretty excited about the snow, but didn't get near as much as you did on your side of town. The photos are great .

I have a question - off subject - for you. How did you go about starting a raw food diet? I remember you blogging about how much food you had to separate and freeze. Do you buy it all from one place? We are thinking of switching all 3 dogs to raw but don't know anyone (other than bloggers) that feed raw. And we could sure use some direction :)

The Duchess (from Emma's blog)

Emma Rose said...

Forgot to leave you my email!



The Duchess

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Heffner & Bess,

I love the frozen slobber on your face Bess!! Ha ROO!! I get that sometimes as well.

Now you better be careful out there Heffner...you have to get better soon.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

M.T. said...

Look at all that snow!!! I love freshly fallen snow :)