Monday, December 14, 2009

Collar of the Month

My pick for Collar of the Month for December has GOT to be the Christmas Hello Kitty collar by Kennedy's Kustom Kreations! I thought the material was pretty cute when I saw it on Kennedy's web site, but I wasn't entirely sold. Then I saw Vegas totally decked out in not only the collar, but a matching leash and coat (you can see it on her home page)! Yep, Bess had to have one! Here's a close up of the fabric itself:
And sorry for the lighting. If only it were still light outside and I could use natural lighting to augment my photos! Hopefully I learn a thing or two by doing the 52 Weeks of Dogs.
This beautiful noble fir is our Christmas tree!! We actually went out and got it not this past Sun., but the Sun. before. It's just taken a while to get the tree totally ready to post about.

First we had to get it into the house and into the stand. With the help of the dogs of course!

Next came the lights that Adam put up on Fri. night!
And FINALLY this past Sat. I was able to get down to decorating the tree! I gotta tell you, it's always a little slice of Christmas heaven for me when I get to decorate the tree. This year Adam was at a friend of ours' birthday party. I wasn't really up to going, had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get done, and was working on Sun. to boot! Plus I'm seriously OCD about decorating the Christmas tree. I seriously think I would get all twitchy if Adam tried to help!LOL Anyhow, I had some Christmas music playing on the stereo, a fire going in our gas fireplace (nothing really compares to a REAL fireplace, but right now any fireplace will do!), the pooches "supervising" from the couch, and a beautiful tree to decorate!
And what's a Christmas tree in a great dane house without Scooby Doo ornaments?? I definitely don't know!
Here's the finished product!
And even though it's grainy, I just love this picture because it just encompasses for me a lot of the warm fuzzy things about Christmas that make me look forward to it all year.:)
As I was finishing up and standing back to soak it in, Silent Night was playing on the stereo and it was just one of those moments that I had to try and capture on video. Unfortunately it comes out a lot darker on YouTube than it does on my computer. Maybe it'll lighten up when viewed from this page?

Happy December 14th!!


Kennedy said...

Seriously, I think that's the Lindsay Happy Zone. Thanks for the pic of Bess wearing her new collar! I'm glad you love it. :) Now if only I was good enough with Photoshop to put her and Vegas together wearing matching collars....

Love your tree. We have to get ours up!

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

What a lovely Christmas Tree and love the new collar!! Thanks for sharing with us.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane