Friday, December 4, 2009

Not much....

Happy December 4th! The dogs are getting into the spirit by playing A Charlie Brown Christmas game! The lighting wasn't fabulous in this room so getting the right picture was difficult. I couldn't get Bess to not look directly at the camera to avoid the crazy eyes. The game is a really cute one, and I thought it would make a cute little touch to have the dogs "playing" it.:)

Tonight was agility league and I was really pleased with how both of the dogs ran both of their runs. Heffner's standard run was spot on! Clean run, but since we're running FEO I didn't have them time it and I have no idea if we made time or not. I'm just thrilled with him doing such a great job and not getting distracted!!

Bess was her usual bubbly and enthusiastic self! She did a good job and got some compliments from others on how well she can turn on a dime. She was pretty energetic tonight and just ripped through the tunnels. It can seriously be a blast to run her!

For our snookers course, I just decided to have fun with the dogs. Heffner's run I kind of made big and looping so that he could stretch out and enjoy himself. For Bess I did a little bit of that and threw in a few tunnels so she could get her crazies out! Even though it was really cold, it was a great night!!

This weekend we have a dog show. I'm REALLY hoping that Bess will go winners bitch at least one of the days. I'd like to be sitting a little better point wise before Rose City. There are no guarantees, but we're really going for it! And speaking of that, I need to clip and bathe her highness to get her ready! Wish us luck!!


Training my Mammoth said...

Good luck on the WB! There's a big show next weekend, and Layla's coat looks great - it looks like how I want it to look after the hours of grooming - but my car still hasn't gotten fixed and I don't trust it making the long trip.

It's cool that you're able to adjust the course yourself. The other two dogs in our Agility class are a Chihuahua and an Airedale, so Layla doesn't get to stretch her legs much. I'll have to use up one of my ring rentals and give her a long course.

Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

Hi Bess & Heffner,

My name is Kasha and I'm a great dane like you guys only I'm a Harlequin and I'm an old lady compared to you guys. I'm new to the blogging world but found you by way of Honey so thought I would introduce myself. So AARRF to both of you. I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I've never been to where you live so it's fun to hear all about your adventures and WOW you guys sure do keep busy! My mom loves reading about all that you do so keep it up. Stop by and visit my baby blog when you have a chance.

AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane & her human Denise