Monday, July 20, 2009

What A Weekend!!

Oh my goodness! What a busy weekend we've had! But, thankfully, a good kind of busy.:O) We started Sat. morning with the dog show in Portland. Bess didn't end up with anything. We also got to see two of the puppies from Bess' breeder's most recent litter. They have the same mom as Bess, so they're half sisters! And of course, the puppies are ridiculously adorable at 10 weeks old!! After the dog show and adorable puppies, I ran home to pick up Heffner for the photo shoot with Andie Petkus. The dogs were very well behaved and she got a lot of what I think will be great shots! I can't wait to see them once she posts them!! Then later that night Adam and I went off to watch the new Harry Potter movie with friends.
Sunday was the really fun and big day!:O) It was another day of dog showing, but Bess didn't get anything that day either. Afterwards, Bess' breeder asked me if we would watch one of the puppies until I head up to Canada on Wed.!! Um, YES!! I had to double check with Adam just to be sure, but he agreed. So we got to bring home little Violet, who is an adorable brindle girl. We also had some ridiculous intermittent power outages through most of Sun., which made it pretty much impossible for me to post with all of the pictures and video clips that I have.>:( But boy do I have pictures! I've narrowed them down a fair bit to make it easier on me. Enjoy!

And here are some pictures and a video of the BOB ring from Sunday.


Andrea said...

She is a cutie! A little weeble-wobble and she wants Das Boot... LOL
Does anybody ever beat Buck??? :)

Gretchen said...

She's adorable. Love all of the pictures.

Kennedy said...

Checked out your photography session pics. Cute pictures of your kids - and love the one where Bess is obviously giving her mommy kisses!