Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger Tuesday

My pick for Blog of the Week is The Life of Royal! This is a fun blog about the lives of two aussies. One of which is still a young pup. There are posts about the dogs in general, training, and informational posts such as the one on lyme disease. However, what made this blog stand out in my mind this week is their highlight in the last two posts about the Delta society's ban on raw fed dogs or even kibble fed dogs who live in the same house as a raw fed animal.>:o( This is really something that makes my blood boil! There are conflict of interest forms for a reason. When you have the marketing director for Purina, a huge manufacturer of processed dog food products, sitting on the Delta society board, you can't help but be overpowered by the stench of BS emanating from this decision. You must be thinking that surely there is scientific evidence of some sort to back up the Delta society's decision. Well sure! Only problem is that one of the people on the Medical Advisory Board is also paid by Purina. Do you see where this is going? At any rate, I recommend that you read the post about this and get as annoyed as I am. Whether you feed kibble or not, the overwhelming stench of bulls**t should still knock you over. That is a direct conflict of interest on several accounts. Not only that but I highly doubt the scientific integrity of any of the "research" that the advisory board does when they're getting directly funded by a kibble producing sponsor. That is NOT okay!!

If you're wondering if there are any organisations out there besides the Delta Society to go through to get your pet certified to be a therapy dog, I would recommend looking into Therapy Dogs International or you can also ask your local veterinarian if they know of any local programs. I have lost all respect for the Delta Society at this point. I was hoping to look into getting Bess eventually certified through the Delta Society, but that will NOT be happening and I WILL be going elsewhere. Obviously, since neither of my dogs would be allowed to participate anyhow.

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houndstooth said...

I feed kibble, but I don't think that any group should be able to dictate to you how you feed your dog. That's simply ridiculous! How are they going to know how or what you feed your dog anyway? We were certified through Therapy Dogs International before, but I've really lost respect for them, too, for other reasons. I was planning on trying to take the Delta test, but now I may do more looking around. I'm so darned tired of all the politics.