Friday, June 4, 2010

Here We Go!

Tomorrow we FINALLY get back to trialing in agility!! I'm sticking with the plan of only trialing one dog per day so that I can focus on each one a bit better and hopefully have some better runs. Tomorrow I run Bess and Sunday I run Heffner. I'm REALLY looking forward to the weekend!

On the down side, this weekend is also a meat packing weekend. UG! I was able to get some packed up tonight, but there's really not all that much that was already thawed after picking up the load yesterday. We are seriously toying with the thought of getting an industrial strength meat grinder. That way I can let the meat start to thaw for about a day or so. After that, just throw it into the grinder and keep bins of the individual parts and throw it all together in the bags. While the dogs would be getting their bone ground up, I'd need to be more watchful about making sure they had enough raw bones to gnaw on around meals to keep their teeth clean. I think that would totally be worth it to cut my processing time by a half or more.:)

Anyhow, I'm just gathering together a few more little things and then we'll be ready to go for the morning!


Sam said...

Best of luck trialing! Thanks for following my blog - I meant to comment you sooner, but it's been a crazy week. I'll look forward to an update to see how you guys did.

Jennifer H. said...

Good luck and have fun!!! Can't wait to hear all about the weekend!