Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Update

I know I kind of left everyone hanging on Sunday evening. I meant to update about how Heffner did (and we have video), but we ended up going into the emergency vet with Bess and spent a good chunk of time there trying to figure out what was up with her.

In a nut shell, she was lethargic, there had been some vomiting, she refused her dinner, and she was running a fever. After some x-rays and blood work, pyometra was thankfully ruled out as well as anything gastro intestinal. However, they did see what appeared to be some irritation and inflammation in her lungs. Since they didn't do a specific chest x-ray, it was kind of difficult for them to tell.

I got a call from the emergency vet not too long ago and he ran the scans past the radiologist and they know think that she potentially has pneumonia. She's on antibiotics at the moment, but she will need to get chest x-rays to confirm. I worked a split shift today and have spend the middle of my day getting the information coordinated between our vet and the emergency vet and trying to catch up on a severe lack of sleep. I'm hoping to get her in to see our vet tomorrow for the x-rays to confirm.

Anyhow, that's why there's been no Heffner update. I'll have more to say about the big guy either tonight or tomorrow possibly. I've just been otherwise very occupied! Fingers crossed that Bessy can get over whatever this is quickly!!


MurphyDog said...

Oh no!! Mom's been busy with family for the last 4 days (I have TOTALLY been neglected!) and is just now catching up on her bloggie reading. Both of us are sending get-well wishes to Bess!

wags, wiggles & healing slobbers

Crystal said...

Oh! I hope Bess is feeling better soon!

Emma Rose said...

We are also sending get well wishes for Bess. Keep us updated.

Emma Rose and the Duchess

Jennifer H. said...

Oh no!!! All fingers and toes crossed that Bess gets well soon!! {{{{{{{{{{Bess}}}}}}}}

Urban canines said...

Sending good thoughts to you and Bess! Get better soon Bess!

Kennedy said...

Love you Bessy - get well soon! I need some more of your face snuffles this weekend. :)