Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Web Site of the Month

First of all, THANK YOU EVERYONE who has sent well wishes and been so sweet to us!! I appreciate it like you don't even know!:o) I am very happy to say that Bess is doing soooooooo much better. It's like a totally different dog from yesterday! She still wasn't interested in food this morning, but she ate lunch!!! Woo hoo!!! And then she ate dinner!! I think I can officially say that she is on her way to feeling better.:) I talked to our vet today and we got the official results from the radiologist. Bess has very severe pneumonia in the entire right lobe of her lungs. Our vet was very concerned about this, especially if Bess wasn't responding to the antibiotics. Thankfully she is, so we know that she's on the right drugs. Otherwise she would have had a third antibiotic added to the cocktail. She'll go in for another chest x-ray next week to make sure that everything is in fact progressing as it should. Otherwise we're just keeping her quiet and happy!

Now on to my pick for Web Site of the Month for June! This web site totally cracks me up! The site is called Rear Gear and is an interesting "specialty" product. The product is a little charm that hangs off the base of your dog's tail to cover up that unsightly dirty brown eye.LOL I think I particularly like the bio hazard one! I have to admit, it is incredibly tempting to buy a couple for the dogs just because it's such a novelty. And a cheap one at that! It's definitely a way to catch people's attention coming and going!;o)


Training my Mammoth said...

So glad that Bess is doing better! Two antibiotics are hard enough, it's great that she can avoid the third.

That's a very funny website! I love the idea though. One thing that I hate about cats (and some breeds of dogs) is that their ... business... is all out in the open for anyone to see. I don't like looking at it. I might have to get one for the cat.

houndstooth said...

I'm glad to hear Bess is starting to get better! I've had pneumonia myself a few times and it's just miserable!

lol That is just so wrong!

Jennifer H. said...

Super update!!! So glad to hear that Bess is starting to feel better and that she is eating again. Yippeee!!