Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magazine of the Month

My pick for Magazine of the Month for June is SPOT Magazine! While this is a publication that focuses on the Pacific Northwest, the stories within are not necessarily limited to that area. There are a wide variety of topics covered. While the emphasis may be the geographical region, the common thread throughout is pets. This is a magazine that I have seen here and there at various dog centered locations. I remember a few years ago when it came more in the format of a newspaper. Now it's in the physical form of a magazine. Kennedy writes articles for the magazine and was filling me in on how the magazine is moving up in the world and it will hopefully be getter a wider readership! It's exciting to see a local pet related magazine grow into something big! If you get a chance, and especially if you live in the Northwest, you should check this magazine out!!


houndstooth said...

It would be exciting to see something local get that big. It would mean a huge amount of opportunities to go out and do things with your dogs. Very cool!

Kennedy said...

Thanks for choosing Spot this month, Lindsay! Spot really has grown and would you believe it's just 5 years old? The readership is growing because of the internet, and the main target area has been SW Washington to the mid-valley area in Oregon, Eugene or so. There really are some great pieces and the content is constantly changing. The editor, Jennifer, is really keen on the community of pet people and how Spot fits into that and can make a difference.