Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here We Go!

Tomorrow morning begins the big Rose City Classic cluster of shows!! I'm pretty excited and glad that things worked out with my projects at work that I can not only take the time off, but I'm not leaving a ton of stuff behind that I'll stress about.

I did a little shopping yesterday and picked up a new pant suit as well as a new skirt set. Oh yeah, and freaking pantyhose. I killed the last pair that I had whenever the last time was that I wore them, and I almost forgot to buy more.

I've got what little I needed to pack all together. I've got Bess in Beginner Novice tomorrow and I'll be showing Ruby in the great dane specialty as well as the working dog specialty. Hence why I will be wearing a pant suit tomorrow so that I can maximize my comfort and still get the job done in both rings. There will be some sparkly shoes gracing my feet fo' sho'!

I'm currently a little paranoid about what the weather will bring over night. For those of you who may not know, in the Pacific Northwest we usually get pretty mild winters, which equal a day or two of snow that quickly melts. Which also means that none of the cities and towns regularly keep any equipment on hand to help maintain icy or snowy roads. This is bad when we do get snow. And has a lot to do with why things generally shut down even with only an inch of snow on the ground. Tonight we are actually predicted to get a few inches of snow. And some reports say that we will get sleet in the morning. Definitely not something that I want to deal with while I'm driving. So I'm giving myself plenty of time in the morning to get there and I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that 1) the roads aren't that bad, 2) there aren't hardly any people out on the roads, and 3) the weather isn't all that bad by morning. Snow on the roads I can handle pretty well. Icy, nasty overpasses I'm not terribly thrilled about.

Anywho, it's high time that I get to bed. Wish us luck and I will hopefully have a positive update as well as a video to post tomorrow!:)


Jennifer H. said...

Good luck and have a great time!!!

M.T. said...

All the best!!! Looking forward to another great video :)