Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Monday

We got snow!!! Sort of. It's amazing what a little bit of elevation can do. At our house, the snow melts and is very sad. Drive out towards the coast and BAM! It's sticking! I wanted to give the big dogs a chance to play in the snow in an area where it was actually sticking and accumulating, so we headed out west this afternoon (since it's a holiday today, I got the afternoon off). Incidentally, Ruthie is NOT a fan of snow. She's rather disgusted with the cold and not thrilled that I still insist she must go out and potty.
And now to the actual topic of today's post, Movie Monday.;) I took Bess and Ruthie down to visit my parents yesterday and took some video of their time there with my parents' golden retriever, Jazz. He's about 10 months old now and really doesn't know what to make of Bess!

If you'll remember from a previous Movie Monday, Ruthie has a weird obsession with plastic bottles. For whatever reason, my sister has left a variety of empty plastic bottles around my parents house. Ruthie kept finding them every where in the house and was pretty much in hog heaven. These bottles weren't always empty though, so they kept getting taken away from her. What she learned from that was that if she looked hard enough, she was bound to find a bottle. This even extended to outside. There was some recycling sitting outside in their breezeway, and naturally, she found the bottles!

Anyhow, we had a great time! This weekend was a meat packing weekend and I am trying to avoid finishing up the cleaning in the garage. I just happened to off balance a plastic tote that contained turkey tails on Saturday. There weren't very many tails left, but there was plenty of meat juice left. It wasn't pretty. And now I need to finish cleaning that up, but I'd really rather not!!

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