Thursday, January 12, 2012

Training Thursday

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with YouTube, but I did figure out how to get my video to upload without taking several hours. For whatever reason, as long as I continue to type in the description box and make general tags to the information regarding each video, it continues to upload. If I stop typing or stop making changes, it stalls. Annoying, but at least today's video only took a few minutes to upload!!

It turns out that teaching the hand touch to the dogs wasn't that difficult after all. They already check out my hand for treats, so it wasn't difficult to get them to at least sniff my hand. Once they got a few clicks, they figured out what was going on. Bess through in a few paw hits just for good measure on the first video.;0) And no, I have no idea why on earth her tail is tucked in both of her clips. She tends to do that. Sometimes she'll just randomly stand in the middle of a room with her tail tucked and I have no idea why. I'm just chalking it up to one of the little idiosyncrasies that make Bess so unique!

And for whatever reason, I do just happen to be wearing the same hoodie in both clips. At least on the second portion my socks match.;0) And if you notice in the second half, Ruthie is starting to do some big girl stays! She's now starting to do down stays outside of her crate while I work the other two dogs on lower excitement exercises, just like I require for the danes!!

I'll stop yapping now and just post the video.;0)

And here's the other video that I never got around to posting. Just some random shots, mostly of Ruthie.

For this week's challenge we're going to up the anti on the hand touch. I want to see some "extreme" hand touches!! Lets spice it up a little! You could add distance to the hand touches. Add height to them. Require the dog to hit your hand multiple times in a row. Or even require that they hold their nose to your hand for a hand touch with duration. Whatever idea pops into your head involving a hand touch, GO FOR IT!!

And if you participated in last week's challenge, post a link to your blog post or video in the comments so that others can see how different people and different dogs went about it!!

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Sam said...

Marge is a "touching" pro! She will LEAP up in to the air to get at my hand. I consider it one of the best behaviors that someone can teach their dog because it has so many different uses. Used to each it all the time in the agility class I used to teach and plan on incorporating it in to my upcoming Rally class as well.