Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RCC Day 1

Holy long day Batman!! We got to the Expo Center today at about 6:45 am. And we left at roughly 7:00 pm. You see, I didn't bother to check and see what our obedience ring time was for today until I arrived. As it turns out, obedience for the working group specialty wasn't starting until 2:55 pm. Oh yes, and ALL ring times were delayed by a half hour due to the inclement weather. And our obedience ring just happened to be running an additional half hour behind. That meant that the working group specialty obedience classes didn't start until 4:00 pm. Yikes!

While I was able to take Bess out to walk around for a bit in between things, she still had a pretty long day of just hanging out. Thankfully she hung in there and we made it through our Beginner Novice run. While the run wasn't exactly what I was hoping for as far as attitude from her, I am overall happy with how things went. We ended up with a score of 190 and took 1st place in the A class!:0) Yay Bessy!!

Unfortunately I didn't do as much videoing today as I had thought I would. I sort of spent my time chatting, playing with dogs, and eating. Hopefully I will get enough clips tomorrow to put something together. In the mean time, I'm completely beat and going to go pass out.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well and I'm hoping for a little more happy attitude in the ring.


Ximena said...

I'm gonna be there spectating on Friday! Are you competing in agility at some point at RCC? I'd love to see your doggies run again!

Lindsay said...

Yay!! No agility this year at RCC. Bess had a bit of a mental breakdown there last year, so I definitely wanted to skip testing those waters again this year. We are entered in Rally though and I'll be in the conformation ring with a friends puppy!

Ximena said...

Good plan to skip it -- I considered taking the CGC there but since it's so huge, I decided against it, heh. Nerves.

Which day are you entered in Rally? I've never seen a Rally trial and if Elli's going to compete some day, I wanna see!

Lindsay said...

We're entered in rally only on Fri. Hopefully it goes well! We've hit a bit of a wall with rally and I'm hoping that I can get her up enough that she's not miserable in the ring. That's also part of the reason why I only entered her in one day of rally.:-/