Thursday, January 19, 2012

RCC Day 2

Holy tired Batman!! This morning I was very thankful that both conformation and obedience had middle of the day ring times. That meant that this girl got to get some serious sleep! And yet, I find myself now feeling seriously tired. And all I did was a whole lot of standing around. I don't quite get it.

At any rate, I still don't have any video to post, but I do thankfully have more good news. Bess got her second BN leg today with a score of 192!! I am going to stop myself right there and be happy about that. I caught myself starting to totally tear apart our run and turn everything into a negative. I think I need to work on that. I got compliments on Bess from some other people outside of the ring, both people that I know and other exhibitors that I haven't met before. This was very sweet of them and I think I need to be less mentally harsh on Bess and I and focus on the positive.

I'm having a hard time right now separating what I've seen that she's capable of in practice versus some of the lack luster performances that we've had in the ring. I just don't know what all the factors are that cause this disconnect between her and I when we get into the ring. Just as I've started focusing on being more mentally there in the agility ring, maybe there are things that I need to do for obedience and rally that will eventually help our performance?? And maybe I'm just already starting to freak out about rally tomorrow. That's probably more likely. We've struggled so much with rally lately, that I have to admit that I'm dreading going into the ring tomorrow. This is definitely not the mind set to have.

So here's to having a little yummy hard cider tonight, relaxing with the dogs, and getting myself mentally prepared to stay positive and only think of positive outcomes. And I need to not freak out if we start to have little problems!! Maybe I should take that yummy cider to the show with me tomorrow and partake before entering the ring???

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