Thursday, July 30, 2009

IFCC Dog Show

The IFCC Dog Show is not a traditional dog show. It's a gallery show for dog loving artists who use different media. Heffner and Bess were photographed by Andie Petkus to be part of her photography section. It was a lot of fun and she definitely got some great shots of both dogs (I purchased a bunch of them)! It was a little bit hot in the studio, so both dogs were panting, but I'm still really happy with the shots that she got! You can browse through the pictures here.

Andie also has a blog! And she's even posted pictures of H & B in it!!

I am absolutely planning on attending the opening party with Bess on the 13th! I just can't pass up an opportunity to take at least one of the dogs to a fun event like that. Heffner will be staying home because handling two of the them in a confined space with many other dogs, all by myself, would be pretty stressful. And since Heffner is the reactive one, he'll be hanging out at home, relaxing.

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

wow those pics were just gorgeous huh? loved them, you two are just gorgeous--thank you again for the wonderful comments you said about us in your earlier post! we were really surprised and very flattered! we love your bloggy too! any blog with big doggies and big adventures is good by us! and you guys fit that bill perfectly!!!