Saturday, July 11, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yet another sort of odd "supplement" that you can add to your dog(s) diet is apple cider vinegar (ACV). The best type of ACV is one made from organically grown apples that are cold pressed. Just like honey, if it's not organic/raw and processed a certain way, many of the beneficial aspects of it are removed or killed in the process. The specific ACV that I prefer to use is Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Just like with the raw honey inormation, this isn't something that I found out on my own. It was a natural remedy that I learned about on one of the dane boards that I'm on. I thought it was interesting and starting looking more into it! ACV is great for dogs in so many ways. It can help with allergies, it can hlep regulate the body's pH levels, which in turn can help prevent flea and tick infestations. It can be used as an ear cleaner to help maintain a healthy ear canal. Skunk smells can be removed from fur by washing the dog in ACV. It's loaded with all sorts of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It can help with muscle recovery, muscle weakness, and sore joints. The list just goes on and one! Here are some web sites that I found helpful:

This is another product that neither of my dogs will touch by itself. I decided to slowly work them up to getting two tablespoons twice a day with their meals. I'm assuming that because the vinegar smell is so strong (although the non-organic, heavily processed ACVs smell a lot stronger to me at least!), it's bothersome to the dogs. Therefore I dilute it. I started them both off getting one tablespoon twice a day with their meals. I dilute it with three tablespoons of water and it seems to work out really well. It also works well if I mix in any other additives that I put in their bowls. Even the K-9 grind that I get from the butchers (a mixture of organ and some other meats), seems to go over really well when I soak it in the ACV dilution. After about a week of doing only one tablespoon, I increased it to two tablespoons and they just kept eating everything. I still dilute it, but they do lap everything up!

As for how much you should give your dog (our yourself!), there are recommendations on the web site. I have a feeling though that this is another one of those things where just taking in some amount is beneficial.

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Andrea said...

I add it to Brody's food (Clara of course won't touch it) as he has tendency of getting ear yeast infections and adding ACV seems to help tremendeously.
He doesn't mind the taste at all but then again there aren't many things he won't eat. I'm adding some pure MSM powder to his food and I gave it a "lick" and that stuff is awfully bitter but that doesn't stop him enjoying his meals... :)