Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Wednesday

Why doesn't everyone have a porch couch?? Maybe because they're not super cool like us. Or maybe, just maybe, because it makes you look a little redneck. However, if you put it on the back porch area, it's not so easily noticeable!

As you can tell, Bess really likes the porch couch. Both dogs do actually. It's just that Bess is usually the one hogging it. She may be smaller than Heffner, but somehow she manages to monopolize a lot more space than he does!

The couch is one that we got free from a friend. It was originally meant to go in our spare bedroom, but it didn't quite fit around the corner in the hallway and into the room. Therefore it has landed "temporarily" on our back porch area (which wasn't as cluttered as it is in the picture!). At first I thought it was pretty red neck. Then one nice, warm day, I just relaxed back on it while I let the dogs out to pee and realized that it freaking rocked! I grabbed a book and relaxed while the dogs meandered in the back yard. Heffner would check in on me and then go lay on the grass. Bess periodically would come and lay down on the couch. Overall, I have to say that I like it! I don't think it's going to work to keep it out there once the rain comes back, but for now, I'm enjoying our little porch couch!

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