Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too hot!

We are now getting into the officially hot part of summer. Temperatures in the 90's and I'm definitely melting! Heffner's agility class on Tue. wasn't too bad, but both he and the golden in the class were feeling the rising temperatures. Tonight was Bess' turn and it was just gross. She's relatively unphased by the heat. But running around in a dusty barn in 80-something weather, isn't always a blast. I was able to "revive" her about half way through with the use of a stuffie, but after a while that was boring as well. We did more work on the A-frame and making sure that we have a good down contact. As usual, she had great contacts. She just gets amped up at matches and trials and that's where the faults happen.

Other than that, not a whole lot happening today. We do have an exciting weekend ahead of us though! I'm getting up with the sun tomorrow to take the dogs for a nice "hike" so they can burn off some energy while it's still cool out. Then I've got a bunch of errands to run and a wedding tomorrow evening. Sat. and Sun. I'm showing Bess at a show in Portland. We have the pleasure of 8 am and 8:30am ring times for the days respectively. However, unlike agility trials, the dog show won't eat up my entire day. And as such, the dogs have a photo shoot on Sat. afternoon! They're going to be part of a local photographer's gallery show!!! Not only am I excited that they'll be part of the show (which I will hopefully have the chance to also go and see!), but I can't wait to get some great pictures of the two of them together!:O) That's our plans for this weekend. With some romps in the woods thrown in there.

Even more exciting, Wed. morning Bess and I head up to Canada for our first Canadian dog show!! We're going to pick up Hunter the ridgeback on the way up there because Georgia, Bess' breeder, is going to be showing him. It'll be cute for the two of them to get to wrestle with each other again. And I'm excited to be hopping the border and going to a new show! There are five shows in four days. Thur. through Sun. are all breed shows. Then on Sat. there's also a great dane specialty. Fun stuff!

I'll leave you with this "adorable" clip of the dogs just hanging out in the downstairs living room.:O)


Andrea said...

I'm so jealous about that Canadian trip ;) will you let me know what did you need and how did it go during the border crossing (to Canada and back to US). We were thinking driving up to Spokane, WA to visit family and then driving across the border to do some camping with the dogs either this or next year :)

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

Canada! How cool. I bet y'all have a good time. Good luck with the show. Love, Sally