Monday, July 6, 2009

Magazine of the Month

My magazine pick for this month is Clean Run. It's a magazine focussed on all things agility! Inside there is a plethora of information packed into every issue. Exercises that you can do in your back yard with limitted equipment. Full on course maps that you can work on if you have access to a ring and equipment. Usually accompmanying these courses are suggestions of how each author would handle the course. There're tips on how to handle different problem areas. There're helpful articles for those just getting started in the sport and things that are useful to train (or even go back and reinforce!). They've also got the Trainer's Forum where three different trainers give their take on the same question. It's very interesting to see how three different people would handle similar circumstances. There's just so much helpful information inside that it would be difficult for me to hit it all adequately! What I also love is that the publishers are now offering an online subscription at a lowered price! This means that I can read it online and print out specific exercises or information that I want to hang onto.

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