Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Wednesday

Why won't my dogs play in the sprinklers with me???? I bought the sprinklers specifically to help cool them off so that they could go outside and run around in this wretched heat and not overheat. But will they run in the spray with mommy? Of course not!

The first sprinkler that we tried out was a swirly-thingy that shot plastic balls out of it when you sent them down the swirly tube.

Take note of the dogs playing at the OPPOSITE side of the yard.

Since that one wasn't working, I decided to also put out the water spraying inflatable beach ball. I thought that surely they would like this one since they both like to hit around balls and play with them. And I could interact with this sprinkler a little bit more. That just wasn't the case.:(

I was able to lure Heffner in for treats. So he at least got some refreshing. Bess wasn't having any of it. I think I got her in just far enough for a few sprinkles to hit her head and then she was off to our porch couch. I did manage to take a little video of them playing in between me setting up the beach ball sprinkler. It was starting to cool off. Although, when your starting point is 110 degrees, cool is really relative!

My next toy to try out with them is the Slip 'N' Slide! I just happen to have a Star Wars one that I've been dying to get out. Unfortunately our lawn is pretty hard and lumpy, so I'm going to have to figure out how to work around that without bruising myself all up.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

HAHAHA!!!! we loved the video--we think it is funny that you have a nice new sprinkler to play in and stay as far away from it as possible--hehehhe!!!! we are the same! you guys looked gorgeous playing.

Andrea said...

I feel your pain! Brody loves wading through the water - he go as far as he can still reach the bottom and just stand there. So, we wipped out the kiddie pool (first we had to fix the holes that somehow Brody managed to chew through sometimes earlier this year... LOL) and were thinking he would just love it. Yeah, right!!! Clara, the big nervous nellie of the family, had no problem stepping in a drink some water but the big brave Bullmastiff had to be dragged into the scary purple kiddie pool. He still prefers drinking from it than standing in it :) Kids!!!
P.S. You're righ... maybe I should start a dog blog myself ;)