Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collar of the Month and Das Boot

My collar pick for the month is Ruff Wear's Knot-A-Just collar. I love pretty much all things Ruff Wear, and since I'm a collar junky, their collars are no exception! The collars are a bit thinner than I would normally pick for a collar on these guys, but they hold up just fine otherwise. And I just like the look of them! I also LOVE the fact that Ruff Wear is based out of Bend, OR! So I'm supporting a local business.:O) Their collars aren't expensive to begin with, but if you want a super deal on last year's model (Ruff Wear is revamping a lot of their products and making updates to them), you should check out the deal at REI Outlet (another one of my favorite stores!). $8.93 is a great price for a great collar! And if you want to skip out on paying for shipping you can just have it delivered to the store closest to you for free!

And now for an explanation on what exactly Das Boot is. Ug! In my June conditioning post about running I mentioned that you want to slowly increase your speed or distance over time, but not both at the same time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, long story short, I managed to not follow a cardinal rule in my training regime and I did both over a short period of time and wound up with a stress fracture in the ball of my right foot. I went in to see the podiatrist this morning thinking that I had either an inflamed tendon or Morton's Neuroma. Turned out to be a stress fracture and I know have a lovely walking boot, which I have affectionately named Das Boot.

In another two weeks I go in for another x-ray to see how things are going. In the mean time, I'm stuck wearing this thing whenever I'm not showering, sleeping, or driving. Sooooooooooo, I thought it would be amusing (at least to me!) to have a running sub-theme to my posts that are centered around the adventures of Das Boot! To start things off tonight, Das Boot got to meet the dogs!

I think that Das Boot will have a grand ole time tagging along with the dogs and I over at least the next couple of weeks! After all, this time period will include two dog shows (and yes I do still plan on handling Bess myself, but I'll most likely cheat and take the boot off while I'm in the ring, unless it gets me points with the judge ;O) ), one of which will be up in Canada! I do have one dillema though. What gender should Das Boot be? Or should it remain gender neutral??

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Andrea said...

I was wondering what you're gonna do next week @ Stumptown... LOL I just got the judging program and once again our times are waaayyy apart, so not sure if I'll see you there. That's unless, of course, you get the BOB again! :)
Oh, and I definitely think Das Boot should be an IT.