Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogger Tuesday

My blog pick for this week is The 'Splorin' Wolfies! I love reading about these gorgeous wolfhounds! They get to go to some of the prettiest areas and the pictures are just breath taking! You should really check them out!

In other news, it's bloody hot in our neck of the woods. We're still in triple digit temperatures and it's just miserable. Thankfully the dogs aren't going out of their minds just yet. I've been letting them out in bursts so that they can get some running in, but they get hot fast and it's back inside for some air conditioning. During the week when I'm working it's hard to get them any where to cool off and run around. Transporting both of them isn't possible inside the air conditioned truck cab, and there's NO WAY that I will even think about leaving one of them back in truck bed! So we're trying out ways to stay cool at home.

Yesterday we tried out this adorable little Care Bear sprinkler that I've had for a bit, but never actually put into use (I LOVE Care Bears!).

Unfortunately, the sprinkler wasn't really optimal for playing in. There was one hole in the head of the bear that water shot out of (as well as some water around the fittings that I wasn't able to get tight enough). And it just went straight up into the air.
Since that didn't work and I was bound and determined to get a sprinkler going to run in, we pulled out our regular lawn sprinkler. Heffner enjoyed it and ran around a little bit with me.
Bess preferred to stay on our red neck porch couch with daddy.
I stopped by the store today and picked up what kiddy sprinklers were left and will be trying them out as well as the slip 'n slide since we've still got more very hot days to come. Since the weather has been so hot, most stores are selling out of any water toys that they have. There was a woman in the store who bought the same two toys that I did and she thought it was funny that I was buying the same stuff for my kids, assuming that I had human children. I just let that one slide. It was too hot to fully enjoy the weirdo look that I would have gotten!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bess and Heffner!

Well that care bear sprinkler was a bit of a let down wasn't it? What's the fun in it going straight up in the air?

It is hard to imagine how hot it is where you live now, while we are down here shivering!

I love the red-neck lounge! look very comfy and a great place to relax :)

Mr Darcy

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

holy cow you guys that was such a nice thing to say about us! thank you so much! we enjoy your bloggy equally as much!