Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Balls?

Happy December 7th!! Here's where my juvenile sense of humor comes in to play.;) I couldn't resist doing a picture that featured Heffner with blue balls.
Tonight during agility class I think I came to a conclusion that I've been sort of coming to for a little while now. I think our days in the group classes are numbered. I'm to a point now where I think the one-on-one privates would be more beneficial. My biggest problem with both dogs right now is timing. They're both fully capable of doing everything and understand what's expected of them. However, I'm killing us on my timing of crosses. I think I really need to switch to lessons where our instructor can just spend the time picking at me and I can run shorter segments and really work on that with both of the dogs.

Plus, the traffic driving to class is seriously killing me. It took me almost an hour and a half to get to class tonight. It usually takes a little over an hour any how, but this was ridiculous. There weren't any accidents along the way. Things were just REALLY backed up. It just seems like it's been getting worse lately. Part of that could be holiday running around with more people out on the road at that time, but I don't think that's all of it.

Anyhow, hope everyone's week is going well!


Kennedy said...

One word (Okay, well, two.): Craig. Spring.

Sorry about traffic. I would hate driving that far for lessons.

Mango said...

Oh I am all about the juvenile humor. Hehehe.

Gosh, I took an agility holiday because I was sick of driving 40 minutes. I don't think I would ever gear up for an hour or more.

Mango's vet said weave pole exercises are actually good for his sore bottom. That's one piece of agility equipment we have here (permanently frozen to the ground - at least for the winter).

Mango Momma

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I really wish i could do privates for both agiity and obedience. I know I would get a ton more out of it.

brooke said...

HAHAHAHAHA omg... blue balls! So funny!!!!

Catalina said...

Tee hee hee!

Oskar said...

That juvenile humor almost made my mom person pee her pants, BOL!

Nubbin wiggles,

Sam said...

LOL to the balls picture. Absolutely classic!

I definitely hear you about group classes. My personal preference is to do some of both. I feel like classes offer something nice in that you have to work around other distractions that wouldn't really be present in a private lesson. Yet, you get way more personal time with a private lesson.

K-Koira said...

Okay, I had to come over here and look up your famous "blue balls" post!