Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tree Decorating!!

Happy December 11th!! Today was all about getting the tree decorated. We went out and got our tree last Sunday, but didn't have enough time since then to do more than get it into the tree stand. Here's our lovely tree right before we chopped it down:
Since it takes a whole lot more effort to strap a tree to the top of the truck than to just put it in truck bed, the dogs stayed home for the tree picking. Once we got her trimmed down to fit in our living room (our next house is soooooooo going to have a vaulted ceiling in the living room!), Adam put her into the tree stand.
This morning Adam puts the lights on:
And then I started decorating! The dogs actually got pretty bored with the whole process and went upstairs to take a nap. With the dogs safely upstairs, Nemesis came out to "assist" me.
Ever since first getting Heffner, I've been buying the annual Scooby Do Christmas ornaments. I just love them! My dilemma this year was that there were two of them that came out. I try to really limit the number of ornaments that I buy each year. While I would LOVE to have enough ornaments for TWO trees, I need to try and sloooooooowly accumulate them to work Adam up to the "necessity" of having two trees.;) This year my mom partially helped me with my dilemma. I bought one Scooby ornament and she bought the other one for me as a present.:) Shopping with my mom is great! Here's this year's line up with the two new additions:
And here's the final product before adding dogs:
And now I'm off to get ready for our big campus wide work Christmas party! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far!


Nova said...

oh I love the tree and the scooby do ornaments!! we get the dogs an ornament each year too.. and since we have a chi and a dane we looked into cafe press's great dane stuff and they had a dane and chi ornament!

Merry Dec 11th!

houndstooth said...

Your tree looks great! I love the tree skirt. I can also see why you'd be a fan of the Scooby Doo ornaments. Enjoy the party!

Sam said...

Your kitty under the tree is just too funny. Mine doesn't bother with it - at all. Atypical cat I've got, I guess!

Your tree looks awesome!

Ashley said...

Trees are a lot of work, aren't they? Yours looks great, so it was worth the effort! I am so impressed with the dogs sitting by the tree picture too. I tried to get one with mine but couldn't get them both at the same time. Of course I didn't have treats, so that might have helped! :)

Tucker said...

Scooby Ornaments, Love them! My stocking is Scooby and he sings.

woof - Tucker