Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Movie Marathon 2010

Happy December 18th!! Today is our annual Christmas Movie Marathon and we've been having a wonderful time vegging out with Christmas movies and good food. Bess has been a snuggle beast for most of the day. Mooching off of whomever happens to be on the couch that she decides to commandeer.;o) I have enjoyed spending the whole day in my pajamas!
We're currently on our last movie of the day, The Santa Clause, but I'm taking a little break to update some stuff. That way I can just hit the sack when the movie is over with. I gotta tell ya, laying around in your pajamas watching movies all day is exhausting!;o) That and I made the coffee waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay strong this morning (after over filling the coffee pot with water and then cleaning up the ensuing mess), and have been jacked up on that for most of the day. A little caffeine goes a long way!

The original plan for tomorrow was to hit the mountain and get some fun in the snow in. However, I'm starting to have some weird noises coming from truck, so I think I'm going to stick closer to home and do a hike with the dogs and then see about getting the truck in for a look-see. I hope everyone's weekend before Christmas is off to a great start!

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