Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rally Trial Day 1

Happy December 9th!! Do you like our matching scrunchies??:) I thought it would be cute to have the dogs and I in matching "pony tails."

I think I forgot to mention, but today Bess and I were at a rally trial.:) This was our first move towards the RAE title. I've got her entered today and tomorrow. It was a nice smaller trial than what we usually do, so that was a nice change. First up was our Excellent B run.

I think I spent a little too much time warming Bess up and not enough time getting her excited right before we went in the ring. Her performance lacked her normal luster. I was a bit bummed about it, but we did qualify with a score of 93. Next up was our Advanced B run.
I was determined to have a happier dog in the ring this time around! We also had a little luck in that Kennedy was there to video us. She was competing with Vegas and Leo (her pomeranian). This run went MUCH better! I did some nice fast heeling with quick turns and didn't take her into the ring until they were calling for us. That way we had to "rush" to the ring. I had more attention on me and a MUCH happier dog! This is the Bess that I love to work with! Here's the video:

Now I'm sitting back and relaxing and finishing up this post. It's been raining cats and dogs outside for a little while now and I'm debating on what to do with the dogs. Heffner especially could use a good run since he got left at home today. They both need something to do, but I'm feeling rather lazy! We'll see!


Catalina said...

You and Bess look like a really good team! I love how she was paying attention to you - wish my dog would do that!

Mango said...

I am marveling at her beautiful muscle tone and effortless sits and getting back up again. What a fine showing.

Mango Momma

Mango said...

P.S. Those matching hair do's. Hmmmm.... not sure about that one.

Jennifer H. said...

Woo-Hoo!!! GO team!!! Love to watch you guys. You can tell Bess is having a great time. :)

brooke said...

The matching scrunchies are cute, but poor Heff looks a little feminine!
Watching the video of you and Bess, looks like you're dancing almost. Everything is so smooth and fluid!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Great job! I think she looked fabulous, wonderful attention!