Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3rd!

I drove all over town to find a giant Santa to pose the dogs next to! he he he....just kidding. We pass by this Santa on our way home from agility league. Tonight, I pulled over and snapped a picture of the dogs next to his lovely largeness. This picture is for the ridiculous amount of size related comments that we have to deal with any time we step out in public. Next to this Santa the dogs look positively tiny.:)

Tomorrow brings pictures with Santa for the pooches! We're going to PetUtopia again because they had such a wonderful photo shoot last year. I'm going to bring some slightly different props with me this year and we'll see what great pictures we get!

Tomorrow is also the civil war football game between Oregon State and University of Oregon, at OSU. Naturally, I'll be rooting for OSU, though it's highly unlikely that they'll win. Regardless, I bleed black and orange and I'm hoping that the team can at least put up a fight. Though I can't really go on and on about it too much because I most likely won't actually watch much of the game. Adam actually has a ticket and will be watching it live and in person. I will be doing some much needed house cleaning, laundry, and finish decorating. And then Sunday we get our tree!!!

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brooke said...

I love this! Bess and Heffner look like chihuahuas next to giant Santa!

Cant wait to see your Santa pictures this year. Your pictures from last year were great!